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Bob & Tricia Traugott
Office: 434.817.9200
Fax: 434.973.8953
Toll Free: 800.976.8338
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Welcome Home Charlottesville

It's not about Us, It's about You!

 Most real estate agents spend the majority of time telling you about themselves. After determining the agents  experience, knowledge and professionalism, it should no longer be about them. Every biography seems to read on as a litany of accomplishments of the real estate agent, but what it really boils down to is YOU!

We provide a service to you, we do not sell you on a certain home, you make the decision and we facilitate the process.

#1 is Listening!  Hearing what you are saying is #1A! Understanding your needs and providing information or links to that information are the real keys to finding a home or selling your house in a timely manner. We need to get to know you!

 #2 is Communication. Waiting for a response in regards to something as critical and life changing as a real estate transaction can be excruciating. No one enjoys watching the minutes tick away on the clock while anticipating an answer. Let us know the best method of communication whether it be text, phone,email or fax.

#3 and even more importantly, Courtesy is OUR Golden Rule! Showing instructions, time availability, and frequency of communication are all very personal.You set the boundaries for what works in your life, we'll adjust to YOU!

     If you like what you've read so far and really want to know more about our beautiful countryside and city please link to

There is plenty of information about us at that site, probably more than you want to know :) We look forward to providing the knowledge to guide you through the process of relocation!

With YOUR best interest at heart-

Bob and Tricia